About us

Low cost, friendly and flexibility

We have highly targeted personnel selection and reduced cost structure in comparison to the “one-size fits all” engineering houses. A small company is much faster and more able to adapt to different business models, and to changing client requirements. We are the sort of people our clients get on with.


You want in-depth knowledge of detail engineering, that simple. WILLBÖ develops deliverables that are in-line with the high quality standards that you expect, either for in-house use or for your end customers:
▪ Enhancing your offered services resulting in increased revenue.
▪ Enhancing your competitiveness both interms of price and completion timelines.
▪ Reducing project risks
We are close to your decision making but our resources are global, efficient, reliable and competitive from a costeffective point of view.

willbö engineering india pvt ltd

We understand the importance of a high quality design in an industrial project. Because of this, we implement our technical quality management systems and processes which are constantly developed and monitored to ensure error free project execution at site. The quality of our work has been proven on a number of working industrial plants and products across the globe. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services.

Our customers can benefit from our local presence and global technical know-how model.

We offer a unique combination of lump-sum engineering services, outsourcing of personnel when your project requires testing&commissioning technicians and business development if your product can add value to the indian industry.

We are based in Mumbai, contact us willbo.india@willbo.es