Quality Policy

WILLBÖ is an engineering consultancy firm that focuses its activities on the Management, Design and Development of Engineering Projects and Technical Assistance, both in the industrial and maritime sectors.

Our goal is to address the needs of our customers in a efficient way. This includes a seamless integration of basic engineering through a design database, providing consistent and correct data in all deliverables and project design cycles.

In order to achieve our customer’s maximum satisfaction, WILLBÖ implements a Quality Management System, developed in accordance with the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and current legislation.

This Management Policy is based on:

  • Best cost and flexibility: selection of highly specialised personnel and a reduced cost structure compared to “one size fits all” engineering houses. Capable of quickly adapting to different business models and specific customer requirements.
  • Attention: deep knowledge of detail engineering, WILLBÖ develops deliverables that are in line with our customers’ high quality standards, either for internal use or for their end customers, helping to improve their competitiveness in terms of price, lead times and project risks.

To ensure this effective implementation of the Quality Policy, WILLBÖ sets annual quality objectives and targets which are continuously monitored in order to achieve continuous improvement.

The general objectives defined by the General Management that guide us in achieving quality are as follows:

  • To ensure that the work delivered or the technical assistance services provided to its customers are in accordance with their explicit and implicit, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To train, motivate and involve the affected personnel in the management and development of the Quality System.
  • Quickly detect faults and take the necessary measures to alleviate their consequences and avoid their repetition.
  • Establish actions and programmes aimed at preventing failures. Addressing the risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives.
  • Establish systems to know the needs of customers and measure their degree of satisfaction with the work.
  • Plan and develop activities for the continuous improvement of the services offered.
  • Continuously improve the Quality Management System through successive revisions.

WILLBÖ’s General Management, through the Quality Manager, will disseminate this Quality Policy in order to be understood and applied by all the personnel dedicated to the activities submitted to the Quality System.

The Management