Extension PTAR “El Salitre”

Client: TYPSA / Aqualia
Location: Salitre, Bogotá | Colombia
Status: 2018. In progress
Business Unit: Integrated Projects (Water)
Project description:

  • This project, financed by the World Bank, is part of the Bogotá River Sanitation and Recovery Plan
  • It is very important for the community and the environment, since it will treat a volume of 7.0 m3 of water per second and will prevent an average of 450 tons of garbage per month from reaching the river
  • Once completed, the plant will treat a flow of more than 600,000 m3/day and serve three million people.




Our Scope of Work:

  • Design of those systems associated with the sludge digestion and biogas production (production, treatment, and feeding of engines).
  • Design, 3D modeling and layout of the new facilities.
  • Design of support and realization of Isometrics for construction.
  • Design of all construction drawings.

Software used: CardWorx y Autocad

Electrical, I&C
Our Scope of Work:

  • Design of the entire High and Low Voltage power plant.
  • Calculations and specification of equipment according to Colombian Standard.
  • Design of all construction plans.

Software used: ETAP, Autocad y Excel